Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Android and IOS Mobile Application Development Dubai

Growing beyond a gadget, which offers voice calls and text messages, mobile phone, is today a multipurpose little wonder in your hand which could help you do your business.

Given the convergence of PDAs & cell phones that enables these personal devices to do complex business functions, the market for mobile solutions is poised to grow dramatically. As mobile telephony becomes more sophisticated and provides increased levels of security and interoperability, it will soon become the device of choice for providing not only entertainment, but also genuine business value.
Day to day customers increasing using their mobile devices to do complex task such as browsing the internet, using Office application such as spreadsheets and conducting banking transactions - mobile providers are coming up with innovative mobile solutions to cater to this booming market.

In this new era of smart phones and tablets .Our solutions puts you on the forefront by developing the mobile apps on multiple operating systems. We aim at developing the most user friendly apps using the latest technologies. So that you can always make your service your available to anywhere. With us, your services are just a touch away.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Get The Latest Mobile Accessories in Dubai

Mobile phones are the most commonly used gadgets in the present times. Different versions of black and white, colored and smart phones have been launched by different companies in the market. Currently, more than 50 to 60 local and international mobile phone companies distribute phones and related accessories in different areas. Purchasing a phone is not more than enough; you're supposed to buy the accessories that complement it. In case you're a native from Dubai, you've plenty of options available in retail outlets and malls located there. In this article we shall cover information on mobile accessories in Dubai.
It's a common trend in Dubai that people associate "mobile phones" with I-Phones because I-phone is perhaps the most used phone models among people. Other than being the flashiest gadget present in the market, this smart phone is accompanied with plenty of useful accessories to enhance its functioning. You've several alternatives when it comes to choosing iPhone Dubai.

Some commonly used tools covered under iPhone 4 accessories Dubai include Bluetooth, phone cases, carry-pouches, travel charges and headphones. Large scale phone distributor’s offer advanced iPhone accessories Dubai for technically advanced cells. Apart from I-phones, the Samsung smart phones are second most popular models in Dubai based local markets.